HR Consulting & Advisory

Our HR Consulting and Advisory services’ main aim is to help organizations realize their productive potential to the greatest extent. We help organizations meet their specific HR objectives, tailored to suit the needs unique to their industry, sector and company. We strive to create an enabling HR infrastructure that works for the long-term benefit of employers – business owners, managers – and employees. Through our expertise and our commitment, we make HR our clients’ competitive advantage.

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3rd Party Contract Staffing

We provide need-based staffing solutions whether it is permanent staffing or temporary staffing. We fulfil the need for flexibility of workforce, productivity improvement and the growing legal compliance requirements through a combination of our vast experience and technological innovation.

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HR Outsourcing

For mid & small sized business with little or no in-house HR expertise, TMS becomes an outsourced Human Resources department. We work closely with growing organizations in all areas of HR – strategic planning, recruitment, onboarding, payroll management, leave and attendance, appraisals, exit interviews and more. We use the power of technology to simplify common HR tasks. We help our clients increase their profits by through productivity gains and reduced HR costs. We offer a unique pay-per-use model that helps us set your HR priorities without being a drag on your finances.

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Talent Acquisition

The success of any organization begins with the finding and acquiring of skilled human resources. Our talent acquisition service works closely with the company’s HR departments, taking responsibility for finding, acquiring, assessing, and hiring the right candidates to meet the organizational goals or to fulfill project specific requirements. We have an expertise in hiring across the board – from entry level recruitment to top management executive search. In fact, we have the highest closure rate in mid and senior level mandates.

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