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What is National Apprentice Promotional Scheme (NAPS)?

Welcome to the National Apprentice Promotional Scheme (NAPS), a transformative initiative designed to empower both apprentices and employers alike. NAPS plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the nation by promoting and facilitating apprenticeships. This scheme is committed to enhancing skill development and employment opportunities, fostering economic growth, and nurturing a skilled workforce. Discover how NAPS can be your gateway to a brighter future.


In a rapidly evolving world, where the demand for skilled workers is ever-increasing, NAPS serves as a critical link between education and employment. It addresses the critical skills gap that industries face and helps in achieving the broader goal of economic prosperity.

Benefits for Employers

Employers play a crucial role in the success of National Apprenticeship Promotional Scheme (NAPS), and they are rewarded with a range of incentives for their commitment to apprenticeship and skill development. They typically include:


Organizations offering apprenticeships can receive a monthly reimbursement
of up to INR 1500 per apprentice, not exceeding 25% of the statutory stipend.

Compliance Benefit

You can hire employees under NAPS without PF & ESIC for 3 years

Skilled Workforce Development​

By participating in NAPS, employers
gain access to a pool of Dedicated and Motivated apprentices who are eager
to learn and contribute to the organization's success. The apprentices bring fresh ideas, energy, and a willingness to adapt to the company's needs.

Reduction In Recruitment Costs

Apprentices often transition into full-time employees after completing their training. This reduces the need for external recruitment efforts, resulting in cost savings for the company..

Customized Training Programs​

NAPS supports employers in designing and implementing customized training programs tailored to their specific industry and organizational needs. This ensures that apprentices gain skills that are directly applicable to the company's operations.

Dedicated CSR Contribution​

Employers' involvement in NAPS demonstrates a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. Their participation actively fosters skill development, employment opportunities, and overall social improvement, in line with the organization's overarching CSR objectives..

Enhanced Reputation​

Being associated with NAPS can enhance an employer's reputation as a socially responsible and progressive organization. This can be attractive to potential customers, business partners, and investors who value companies committed to skill development and employment opportunities.

Government Support and Collaboration​

Employers in NAPS benefit from the support and collaboration of government agencies and industry partners. This ensures that they have access to resources, guidance, and expertise to make their apprenticeship programs successful.

Eligibility and Application Process

To participate in National Apprentice Promotional Scheme (NAPS), employers must meet certain eligibility criteria. The application process is straightforward and requires the submission of essential documents. Visit the official NAPS website for detailed eligibility guidelines and application instructions.


  • High Quality Trainees: Ensure access to top-tier candidates for apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Prompt Stipend Management: Efficiently handle stipend reimbursements to apprentices.
  • Tailored Training: Offer training as necessary, tailored to each apprentice’s specific profile.
  • Simplified Registration: Streamline the registration process for applicants through the apprenticeship portal.
  • Flexible Stipend Options: Allow candidates to receive stipends from either the employer, TMS, or both as per their preference.
  • Comprehensive Trade Coverage: Provide access to apprenticeship opportunities in all designated and optional trades as defined by the Apprentices Act.

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The National Apprentice Promotional Scheme (NAPS) is more than just a scheme; it’s a vehicle for transformation. It’s a commitment to enhancing skills, expanding opportunities, and contributing to the nation’s growth. NAPS is the bridge to a brighter and more skilled future for apprentices and employers alike.


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NAPS covers a wide range of industries and Trades, including Manufacturing, IT, Healthcare, Construction, Hospitality, and more. The scheme is designed to promote apprenticeships across various sectors, so you can explore opportunities in your field of interest.

Employers interested in participating in NAPS can easily initiate the process by reaching out to TMS, our dedicated service provider for NAPS applications. We are here to assist you with all the necessary steps, from application to documentation, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Please feel free to contact us, and our expert team will guide you through the process. Your journey with NAPS starts with us!

No physical screening is required!! Dedicated online portal automates and eases the complete registration and apprentice engagement process


NAPS offers several benefits for employers, including incentives for hiring and training apprentices, access to a skilled workforce, and contributing to skill development in the industry. It can be a cost-effective way to build a motivated and qualified team. 

NAPS typically provides financial incentives to employers who participate in the program. These incentives may include wage subsidies, reimbursement of a portion of the cost of training, or other financial support. The exact incentives can vary by region and may be subject to change, so check the official NAPS website for the latest information.

NAPS often collaborates with local training providers and apprenticeship agencies to connect employers with potential apprentices. This can include assisting with the recruitment and selection process to ensure that you find apprentices who meet your organization’s specific requirements.

Employers are responsible for providing on-the-job training and mentorship to apprentices, ensuring they receive relevant and high-quality training. Employers are also expected to comply with NAPS guidelines and maintain a safe and supportive work environment for apprentices.

While there may be some initial costs, such as providing training and mentorship, the financial incentives and support provided by NAPS often offset these expenses. The scheme is designed to make apprenticeships financially viable for employers, so the overall cost is typically manageable. 

NAPS is inclusive and welcomes employers from various industries and businesses of different sizes. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, you can explore the benefits of NAPS and contribute to skill development in your industry. 

Yes, many employers offer apprenticeships in various fields or trades. NAPS is flexible in this regard, allowing organizations to provide apprenticeship opportunities in different areas according to their business needs.

For the most current information on NAPS policies and procedures, please reach out to our dedicated team at [Your Organization’s Contact Information]. We are here to provide you with the latest updates and assist with any inquiries you may have. Your direct contact with us ensures that you are well-informed about NAPS developments 

NAPS often provides guidance and resources to help employers develop effective apprenticeship programs. This support includes templates for training plans, mentorship guidelines, and best practices to ensure a successful apprenticeship experience. 

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