Does your company comply with POSH regulations in India?

As an Employer if you are having 10 or more employees then the POSH Compliance is applicable to your company. With our POSH Compliance Solution you can:

Hire Legal 4th Member of ICC Committee

Create a Organization wide Policy

Forming 4 Member ICC Committee

Annual Filing of POSH Compliance

What is POSH Compliance?

Did you know that a significant percentage of women, about two out of five, experience sexual harassment in the workplace? In order to tackle this issue and promote compliance, the Government of India introduced the POSH Compliance Act in 2013. As part of this initiative, employers are now required by law to submit an annual compliance report (ACR) each year. This helps to provide accurate data on the level of POSH compliance among employers and the number of complaints received and resolved. By submitting this report, employers can demonstrate their commitment to addressing and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

According to Section 21 of the POSH Act, each corporation or business must produce an annual report and submit it to the employer and the neighborhood District Officer each year. The information that must be included in the annual report produced by the IC is further defined by POSH Act Rule 14. The rules for the Annual Compliance Report follow the ideal and the year.

Is POSH Compliances are applicable to your business?

As an employer with 10 or more employees, compliance with the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act (PoSH) is a crucial responsibility for your company. Failing to adhere to the PoSH can have serious consequences for your business, including fines, penalties, and even imprisonment or business closure in extreme cases. In addition, not complying with the PoSH can leave your company vulnerable to employee lawsuits if any incidents of harassment occur. The POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) policy is a set of guidelines and procedures designed to prevent and address sexual harassment in the workplace. It is designed to protect employees from any form of harassment, including verbal, physical, and nonverbal conduct that is sexual in nature or creates a hostile work environment.

The policy outlines the steps that employees can take if they experience or witness harassment, as well as the consequences for those who engage in such behavior. By implementing a POSH policy, businesses can create a safe and respectful work environment for all employees and promote a culture of equality and inclusivity. At TMS, we take our obligations under the PoSH very seriously and are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful workplace for all of our employees.

What TMS offers in POSH Service ?

HR Outsourcing Solution | Prevention of Sexual Harassment
POSH Services include the following:
  • Framing of PoSH Policy for your Company.
  • Setting up of the 4-member Internal Complaint Committee (ICC).
  • PoSH cases sensitization training to ICC Members
  • The External 4th Member is provided by TMS, who will be Legal Advocate.
  • Annual POSH Compliance Return Filing.
  • POSH Training for your employees (additional charges apply)
  • Handling of any POSH Complaint by any of your employees (additional charges apply)


Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) helped men & women in getting justice for the cases of sexual harassment they have faced in the workplace.

POSH training of employees helps them to get aware of their rights under the PoSH Act. This helps women to come out and report any sexual misconduct from a college or a senior in the workplace and so, ensures a safe working environment.

Unwelcome sexual advances and inappropriate sexual or gender-related remarks between employees happen, and although sexual harassment towards women is most common, people of all genders can be both victims and perpetrators.

Section 498A of IPC
Any such kind of offense is punishable under law and the punishment can be an imprisonment of three years or more and the culprit shall be liable to heavy fines.

POSH can cost an employer a monetary penalty of INR 50,000.

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