The success of any organization begins with the finding and acquiring of skilled human resources. Our talent acquisition service works closely with the company’s HR departments, taking responsibility for finding, acquiring, assessing, and hiring the right candidates to meet the organizational goals or to fulfill project specific requirements. We have an expertise in hiring across the board – from entry level recruitment to top management executive search. In fact, we have the highest closure rate in mid and senior level mandates.

TMS has partnered with its clients to create valuable assets of human resource to meet client’s long-term and short-term goals. TMS has a successful track record of working with start ups, conglomerates, MNCs, government organizations & NGOs. Our success is based on the foundation of a strong partnership with all the clients.


Some of the distinguishing features of our Talent Acquisition Services are:

  • Dedicated Account Managers & team for each client
  • Use of advance technologies such as ERP & ATS to ensure speed & quality
  • Access to a large internal database apart from all commercial databases
  • Pan India recruitment for all your office locations
  • Helping companies build a strong employer brand to attract the right candidates
  • Recruiting employees as per the requirement from various professional backgrounds
  • Hiring talent with the ability to grow beyond their role

They are just a few of the many elements distinguishing us in terms of expertise.

With collaboration and experience under the aegis of working with notable firms and budding start ups, we have come to develop a thorough understanding of identifying the perfect skill match personalized to a company’s requirements.

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