CAUTION: Beware of fraud

TMS (Team Management Services) would like to bring to your attention a matter of utmost importance regarding the unauthorized use of our Brand Name and which is being used for fraudulent activities.

It has come to our notice that an entity from Karnataka State or someone from their team has been engaging in deceptive practices by creating fraudulent domains using our brand name, they most probably have acquired a domain like ours. Our main domain name registered with GODADDY is TMSERVICES.CO.IN while they have registered a domain named “TMSSERVICES.CO.IN” with an extra S in between. They are using this similar domain and an email address [email protected]” to issue fake offer letters and appointment letters to candidates, misleading them, extracting money from them under false promises and tarnishing our reputation in the process. 

Furthermore, TMS would like to inform you that they were a former client of ours, but due to their involvement in fraudulent activities during the brief 45-day association, we terminated their services with immediate effect to distance ourselves from any unethical practices. TMS is reputed HR Consulting & Outsourcing firm providing HR Services to numerous MNC’s and Indian organizations and has never engaged in any fraudulent activity also we never take any money for Indian recruitment or Hiring process throughout India, ever, as all our service charges are always paid by our clients only.

Additionally, we are providing evidence of a fraudulent email that is being circulated, with the address [email protected]. This email falsely claims to notify individuals about a virtual orientation scheduled for January 3rd, 2024. 

TMS cares, Scammers Don’t! Stay official, Stay Safe. Trust our official website & emails and think wisely before sharing!!

For any further clarification or information regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] alternatively, you can contact us directly on +91-224-896-7640 


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