Team Management Services, as it stands today, is made of a very young and dynamic team which is not only highly talented and capable but also extremely dedicated and focused towards delivering high quality services to our clients. At TMS we value all our teammates, even from youngest member who has recently joined to the oldest Partner as we believe that anyone, irrespective of age or experience, may possess the ability and capability to deliver more than that is expected, which will be beneficial to our clients and in turn to us.

When TMS works on any assignments for our clients, be it in Talent Acquisition or HR Consulting or Staffing Solutions or any of the other services that we provide, we don’t simply work with the clients, we form a formidable team together which is focused on delivering the objectives & the goals of our clients to the best possible extent. This is what sets TMS apart and why our Clients keep coming back to us again and again, everytime they need any assistance.

Why TMS?

  • 15+ years and best experience in HR Domain
  • We are committed to 100% deliverance, Customer Satisfaction Rate & user-friendly support
  • We understand your business and provide you with a comprehensive, efficient, and beneficial HR services
  • Worked on Projects in India, Europe & GCC regions
  • Successfully Delivered Projects in India & Globally for Recruitment.
  • TMS is Strong Supporter of MAKE IN INDIA and helps numerous companies setup and operate in India with minimum hassels.

Our Working Style

In order to properly assist our partners, the first step is learning about who we are working with and what needs to be done. It is imperative for us to understand our partners’ core values, company culture, expectations, and timelines. Once we have established a strong, trusting relationship between all parties, we will evaluate present level of performance so we can figure out what’s working and what’s not. We will then help you identify measurable goals and realistic timelines. Then, we will work collectively to come up with effective methods that will lead to long-term success. We are committed to being proactive, creative and consistent throughout the duration of our partnership. We want to be a part of helping you create a positive and productive work environment because we all share the same mission to help others learn, grow and succeed.

Our Reasons for Success


We serve wide array of Industry Verticals


  • Benefits of Working with TMS
    TMS provides a gamut of HR Services under one roof. Led by Strong leadership and supported by equally capable teams, TMS delivers high value services to all its clients.
  • How can TMS help my Business?
    All the businesses are essentially driven by people who work for it. TMS helps you from the start i.e. Recruitment to the middle i.e. Employee Engagement/ Performance Management/ Payroll etc. till the end of the Employee Cycle i.e. Exit Management. Due to this comprehensive list of services offered by TMS, it gives us a unique advantage to help businesses in any aspect of their Employee Cycle which providing End- to-End Quality HR Services to our Clients.
  • How can I know if TMS is the Right HR Partner for my Company?
    To Know if TMS is the Right Partner for you, we request you setup a free one-on-one Online Consultation with our Specialist at 9319-226-200 or email us at:

Our Clientele

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