Our consulting & advisory services help clients have effective HR planning, processes, and practices for their organizations. The programs designed by us are long term and strategic ensuring the development of an effective approach towards the success of each organization. We have various Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from fields like HR, IR, Labour Laws, Legal, Environment, Health & Safety who offer their valuable insights on all matters of HR.

Since inception, TMS has earned a reputation of offering customized solutions to a diverse set of clients – from start ups to small & medium sized business to large multinational organizations.

We have a long established Human Resources infrastructural set up, helping employers, owners, managers, and more. Our approach is designed around business goals and the growth of your organization is our top priority. Our services provide clients a peace of mind and focus in order to aid in their prosperity.


TMS works as a strategic partner of your organization. We provide industry insights and advisory services across the entire HR lifecycle. Our prime offerings are in:

  • Strategic HR Planning: aligning Human Resource plans with the strategic goals of the organization.
  • Recruitment, Compensation & Recognition: creating a talent acquisition and retention strategy to a rewards framework with effective selection, recruitment and training.
  • Performance Evaluation: helping evaluate, analyze and improve the performance of your HR department.
  • Succession Planning: identifying or hiring staff to fulfill leadership positions.

We have established expertise in many areas of HR


We are sure that these benefits will take your organization to the top, and our services can help you identify what your employees are happy with, in order to maximize their potential and gain competitive advantage.

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