What is Contract Staffing and how the service is beneficial for us?
Can we hire employees for Temporary basis?
How can I know if TMS is the Right HR Partner?

3rd Party Contract Staffing is a great option which provides hiring flexibility to organizations where the headcount moves in accordance with the organizational performance and the business environment. At TMS, we offer strategic and innovative contract staffing solutions. Our services help your company to ‘augment’ or ‘improve’ the existing talent pool by hiring additional staff, usually done on a project-by-project basis, fulfilling gaps in certain skill sets within the in-house staff. 3rd party contract staffing is immensely popular in the IT sector due to an abundance of resources within IT. However, we have the expertise in multiple verticals like legal and manufacturing. We are an efficient resource facilitating companies to recruit and manage flexible and permanent talent in order to enhance quality, productivity and minimizing company’s employment related risks. We will provide valuable support services like personnel administration, labour compliance, government regulations related to hiring, while you acquire a quality employee’s service.


Looking for Right Contract Staffing Service Provider for Delivering Quality Results?

Contract Staffing

Here is Why you should choose TMS!!

» Possibility of 40% or more Cost Reduction

» 100% Compliance

» You focus on your Core Business

» We provide Manpower- Junior to Senior Level

» We have dedicated HR Experts

» Expert in Staffing Solutions having around 3500+ Employees

We hire & align employees as per your Staffing Requirements and assign them for:

Project Based Staffing & Solutions
Project Based Staffing & Solution

We understand that hiring a full-time isn’t always the right answer. We’ll help minimize your hiring costs.

Staffing on 3rd Party Payroll
Office Employees on 3rd Party Payroll

Expertise solution from our Payroll Specialist with experience in handling Payroll of multiple industries.

Large Scale Manpower
Large Scale Labour Projects

Our Company is extremely engaged providing you the best range of labour manpower for your projects with effective and timely delivery.

Apprenticeship Act
Apprentice under Apprenticeship Act

Under the Apprentices Act, 1961, the Government of India encourages certain industries to avail the service of freshers.

Payroll Management
3rd Party Payroll Management

With TMS cutdown your company’s overhead expenses with our cost-effective 3rd Party Payroll Management Service.

Payrolling Labour for Legal Compliances
Payroll Management for Legal Compliances

Manage your Payroll with Legal Framework, and protect employees and business with National Laws and from the risk of HR Non-Compliance.


Contractual staffing is a staffing solution that gives you the flexibility to hire on Payroll. It is popularly called temporary staffing or off-roll hiring services.

Contract Staffing allow you to:

» Scale up and scale down business as per business requirement.

» Avoid unionisation issues.

» Spread out pay-out for hiring a person over the term of the contract, rather than a one-time fee that burns a hole in your pocket.

» Bulk hiring requirements fulfilled through recruitment drives organized as per your convenience.

» 100% compliance management of ESIC, PF and other statutory compliances

 Yes, definitely you can hire Temporary staff in order to fill in your short-term needs. Hiring temporary employees can get you the help your business needs quickly without the cost and effort of recruiting and hiring staff and adding them to your payroll.

To know if TMS is the Right Partner for you, we request you setup a free one-on-one Online Consultation with our specialist at 931-226-200 or email us at: info@tmservices.co.in

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