Recruitment on Social Media
How to boost Recruitment Process with the help of Social Media

Social Media is a place which is more often used for brand presence and promotion, to shed light on what the company does or brands they want to sell. Social media is a platform were thousands and millions of people are active every day to stay updated on current conditions, market situations, etc. It said that, since this era has started, communication has become more convenient & effective. So why can’t we think of Social media being used for Recruitment, but did you know Recruitment process is already a part it. Recruiters have started opting social medium to advertise open position, because people nowadays are using this platforms to not only share their personal lives socially but also for finding Jobs which is convenient to them.

This is where every recruiter should be putting effort i.e. Social Media. Now let’s take a look on how we can boost Recruitment process with Social Media:

  1. Firstly we have to make sure that we are always active on Social Media Platforms. This way we get to know what the preferences are, what job profile do people search more on & can get more ideas on the way of approach.
  2. Start building your company’s reputation online; here post about your values, benefits and ethics; try to get more followers, increase your presence with letting people know more about your company this will organically attract candidates.
  3. Only posting on Social Media page doesn’t help to increase your presence, you have to put some efforts, involve employees to share the post and tag your Company ID. Content shared by employees actually receive 6 X more engagement.
  4. LinkedIn Groups- It is said that approx 70% of the recruiters and candidates are active for Searching Talent and Relevant Jobs respectively, but it is necessary to make sure you are actively involved in increasing network with these groups and connect with candidates. Also linking your other Social Media Profiles with LinkedIn profile can help people know your brand presence, which is a positive sign for recruiting.
  5. Its good if you don’t stick only to selective platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter); try exploring other platforms like Snapchat, Instagram because those platforms are youth based where you can engage with job seekers more. These platforms can help appeal to Job Seekers visually.
  6. Online Company Reputation, Brand Presence, creating profiles in all platforms & engaging with the audience after all the main task is to maintain all the task with ease an quality and continue to captivate relevant audience with daily posts, sharing motivating videos, guides, etc. With daily use of Social Media you get to know that ‘#Hashtags’ plays a key role in this.
  7. While searching for the perfect candidate you need a proof of how good they are, so to test them you can conduct Q & A session, Online competition which helps you channelize their knowledge and how much sporty they are.

With this all we can note that Company Branding increases Visibility & Wider Reach, Broader & Global Networking and helps Connect with Job Seekers, Passive Applicants & College going Newbies and last but not the least Speedy hiring process.


Interview Tips
Tips you should follow while going for an Interview

You have applied for a Job and the Employer is impressed with your CV, but now you get a call for Interview. Hearing about an Interview can make you nervous, but let me tell you Interview is just a close look into how you are as a person- a newbie with little knowledge in any field or you are Pro Acer in any field. But the matter of fact is whatever the situation will be, how should you impact the employers’ mind with ‘First Impression’.

Here are a few tips on how you can Ace the Interview like a Pro:

  1. Consider Any Interview as Your First time –

Don’t be rude or overconfident like you have knowledge about everything. Let the opposite person read how much you are capable of. Though you have to be confident but stay calm, stay on your toes and act.

  • Research About the Company / Organisation –

Get to know what the company does, achievement, mission, industry presence, competitors, company review through the Company website, Social Media and How can we forget ‘Google’.

  • Go through your Job Description –

Make a quick scan of the Job Profile, check if that’s the job you prefer. Understand what exactly the company wants from you. Make a list according to JD of your skills, knowledge and personal qualities that are required by the employer which shows you are capable of the JOB. It will also be useful while expecting your salary.

  • ‘Know your CV, Know yourself’

Always make sure you have mentioned all true information, you should memorize all the information mentioned in the CV. Details about your projects, achievements, work experiences, etc.; you should be able to answer any question related to your CV with confidence.   

  • What to keep in mind while going for an Interview –

See to it you carry your CV, Certificates of Achievements (Photocopies of all) and any other essential documents. A briefcase or a decent handbag to carry all your Documents and essentials. Decide what you are going to wear, first impression is also about what you wear. Dress something you are comfortable yet professional & confident.  Make sure to wear your smile as well, a happy & pleasant face is what every employer looks first.

  • Be Punctual –

Reaching 15 – 20 minutes before can help you stay calm, stress free and more focussed about answering the questions you have prepared for.

  • Be ready to answer any questions –

No Doubt the first question will be “tell me about yourself” and “your career goals”, but make sure you sound confident. Lookout to your body language and posture when answering the questions.

  • Be honest

It means what you have written in your CV should have a sense of truth while explaining. If you have any educational gap explain the reason don’t freak out, and say what you did for time being. Be confident & honest about your Weakness.

  • Prepare yourself to Ask a Question

Brace yourself, here you get a chance to know more about the company, Job profile to be, or about your salary, etc.; make the communication professionally friendly to build a good impression and relation.

  1. Follow-up with a Thank You

A Thank You mail to the employer for giving you the opportunity. Here also you get the chance to explain how you are fit for the post, make sure to keep the message short.

Training & Development
Training & Development

In an ever changing and quick paced corporate environment, training and development is very important aspect. Training and development is one of the most unnoticed aspect in the organizations. When its organized it is often at the persistence of the human resources department. There is however a large value in organizing with proper training and development sessions for employees. Training allows employees to generate new skills, improve existing ones, increase performance, increase productivity and be a better version in the team. In training and development process the employees might delay the deadline for the projects. Despite this fact a large associations employer feel as employees get more skilled the process would be much faster and they can be competitive in the particular department. With lack of skilled employees the process and techniques utilized will make the overall process slow and the quality will also get affected to a great extent. Benefits of driving employee development is to shape a more efficient, competitive, and engaged workforce. Companies that have actively interested and dedicated employees see 40 % low absent rate and 15% high productivity rate.

Targeting on skills of employees for future leadership will help establish an organization to growth and change. Getting leadership talent can start from Human Resource professionals who can select current employees as potential candidates. Having established leadership development programmes ensures that an organisation is always keeping in mind the future organisational goals by preparing promotable, capable and talented individuals.
Productivity usually increases when a company implements training courses for their employees. Increase in efficiency in processes will make sure that the project success which in turn will improve the companies profit and potential market share.  Ongoing training and up skilling of the staff can encourage creativity and employee engagement. New creative ideas can be suggested as a direct result of training and development.

Staff are more likely to feel valued if they are invested in and hence less likely to change employers. Training and development is seen as an added advantage to companies benefit. Recruitment costs hence goes down due to staff retention.  Having a strong, firm and successful training strategy can helps to develop your employer brand image and make your organization a prime consideration for quality and mid-career changes. Training can also make organization more attractive to job seekers who want to improve their skills and the opportunities that are associated with those new skills. Training can be given to the employees of any kind relevant to the work or responsibilities of the employees and can be delivered by any of the appropriate method decided by the higher authority of the company.

One of the best example of training & development done at an organization is TMS. TMS is known for its highly professional and quality Services in the field of HR. The staff at TMS has been able to reach this position because of the team building and training & Development session conducted at the organization. Every employee at TMS is highly skilled and enjoy their work. Organization like TMS have set an example of how to increase the skills of an individual with proper training and also helped them to develop their personalities to a great extent.  

Employee Morale
Boost Employee Morale in Lockdown

All the Employees who are currently working from home who spend a good amount of time socialising with their colleagues online may help from stronger friendships when they finally return to the office. As remote working has become the new regular thing for many industries around the world, many business leaders are looking to see how this change will disturb their workforce. With no buzz of the office, extrovert personality kinds who get their energy from people, may be emotionally struggling in isolation. Those who are bound to be fearful of change may be finding efficiency a challenge with new technologies to learn and new routines to forge.

Meanwhile, your utmost resilient and agile workers may be working on, determined to do their bit to get the business through the pandemic, but are putting themselves at higher risk of fatigue. Following are the ideas or tips which you can use to boost the morale of your staff.

Keep Open and Transparent Communication

Honestly, frequent & transparent communication is critical. It’s important to talk the situation with your teams from the start. Conversing the problem upfront shows that executives, managers and employees are all in the same boat and all will pull together to get through this emergency.

Embrace virtual technology

We may have to socially segregate to break the chain, but don’t break the communication channels. Just make them available online. For individuals in lockdowns or have teams working from home, stay connected by hosting regular online meetings, video preferred. Schedule regular online meetings or conference calls for work.

Be kind

No one knows how long this will past. Each one of us is looking at vague future. Some of the employees are juggling work with full-time childcare as schools and day cares shut down. Others are nursing to sick family members or those in isolation. The disturbance caused by the novel coronavirus is massive. Be empathetic and understanding of your staff’s situations as they are handling with the new normal. Diminish your guidelines and be flexible.

Stay engaged, when you’re not all together, keeping everyone engaged can be hard.To direct different personality types through lockdown and self-isolation toward healthier times ahead, you first need to identify who is likely to need the most provision.

Work from Home
How to Work From Home in this pandemic?

Working from Home has been on the rise for years in many companies. Some offer remote work as a benefits to employees for better work-life balance. But now due to the pandemic, Work from home has become a compulsion to the companies. No matter the size of the company, they have begun rolling out mandatory remote working schemes to promote social distancing and to stop the Covid-19 spread. Employees will be working from home for the first time, which means figuring out how to stay focused in a new environment. But there are ways to get results and avoid going antsy, from setting up a good workspace

Coronavirus or not, the key to working from home is clear communication with your boss and knowing exactly what is expected of you. So, when you do interact with your boss and team from home, it helps the employees to solve their queries instantly. It might not be effective as face to face meeting. But for better results and proper communication, companies can prefer tools like slack, skype call or even zoom app. Remember, going fully remote is the first-time experience for many companies and their staff. Be open about what isn’t working or can’t get done in such circumstances, overall communication is going to be essential.

Most importantly, since the work which you will do will be from home that doesn’t mean that you can lounge around with your pyjamas. Take a shower and dress well and treat this as a real job. So, try something more deliberate instead of lying in bed with a laptop. At the same time be very mindful of the “tech neck” and other ergonomic need though. Still, even with these tools, the enforced & abrupt nature of the transition from an office to a home environment could leave some of the employees struggling to get accustomed to the change. It’s hard to draw a sharp difference between home and office when you’re at home. But to the extent possible, create a space at home that feels like your office to you.

If you’re the type of person who miss taking breaks at home, set an alarm to take time for lunch, and turn off your work, or go for a walk. If you don’t change your place at some point during the day and take a pause, it can make the claustrophobia worse. Try to maintain normal working hours and lastly try and appreciate the benefits that do come with remote working style. You’re not travelling and have more control over your work schedule and extra time with family. Focus on whatever positives you can find and Automate all your HR Related work by outsourcing all the HR activities from Employee Onboarding to Exit Management starting at 399/-

And Automate all your business process with best custom web and Android Application with us

Global Recruitment Services
Hiring the Right Talent just got easy

Any organisation is initially started by few people but it is the valued employees who take efforts to take the organisation towards the path of success. Hence, for an organisation to succeed it is very important to hire the right talent and that too at the right time. ApnaHR helps you hire the right candidate based on the requirements specified by the organisation.

Hiring the right candidate helps the organisation to increase its productivity. It leads to an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation. ApnaHR helps you to hire the right candidate which would ultimately result in higher return on investment. We make sure that by hiring the right talent for your organisation we won’t let the good candidate go out of the door.

Hiring the right talent is not only necessary for the organisation but also for the employees because the right position will help the employees to work till their full potential and would thereby minimize wastage of human resource. Here, ApnaHR considers the requirements of both the organisation as well as the candidates and only guides in the hiring process if the requirements of both the parties is matched. This effort by ApnaHR leads to satisfaction of both the parties.

Hiring the right talent is very essential for the growth of the organisation. There are various advantages attached with it. Right candidate will not only complete his assigned job on time but will also follow the policies of the organisation and adapt with the organisation’s culture.

Payroll Processing
Is being 3rd Party Payroll bad thing?

Payroll processing is an essential part for all business sizes. It is most likely your company’s biggest expense, and time-consuming HR work performed every month. Payroll can be processed weekly, quarterly, or monthly, while the most common pay length duration is every two weeks. Today we are observing all the other companies working in the industry are growing while some are struggling to work through their tiresome schedule, these companies are the ones who usually get involved and consume their lot of time every month working and engaging with their payroll work. This process takes a lot of time for managing other HR Operations efficiently.

In the recent years as the world of business grow and many companies are coming up in the market with great way of working on the process in the most innovative and automated way and even outsourcing some HR Processes. For this, the companies are now engaging with the third-party payroll outsourcing, this helps in focusing more on other HR activities other than payroll.

The engagement of organization with 3rd Party Payroll Services is beneficial for both organization as well as the employees. For the organization this is the most obvious succulent process and allows the company with efficient time for their economic decisions as well as their overall functionalities. For the Candidates, in order to get the offers from the best renowned companies one has to get on roll with 3rd party. Other reasons why the candidates can opt for being on 3rd party roll is that the job will be on stake always as it is on contract. Your payroll is managed by the third-party company who is supported by HR Professionals so in this case, you get your pay on time without doing lots of follow up. Also, your salary and leave are being managed by the 3rd party.

Third party payroll jobs basically happen when the organization decides to outsource their payroll functions. Many businesses and MNC’s are on the lookout for Top HR Consultancy firm who provide third-party payroll job providers, to basically take employees on their payroll but the candidate will work at the company’s location because it helps to reduce the cost and time taken for hiring a trained employee as well as the cost of software.

Employee Lifecycle Management
How to Improve Employee Productivity

Performance and productivity are one of the key factors that decide the growth and success of the organization. It depends on engagement and skillset of the employees, basically how an employee fulfills their job duties and executes their required tasks. It refers to the effectiveness, quality, and efficiency of the outcomes. Performance also contributes to assessment of how valuable an employee is to the organization.

Performance and productivity depend on speed and efficiency of employees and also on quality and depth of the task that are completed by the employee. To understand and improve productivity of employees, effective performance review is must. The companies should set right goals wherein your employees can drive better performance and higher productivity. It can also boost employees to collaborate and work as a team. The Management team can have regular checks with your employees about goals and their progress, and offer rewards for a job done well.

Team Management Services majorly focus on giving a hassle-free experience to the organization by taking away the burden of selecting right employees and ensures that organization can have steady stream of motivated people. For a solid productive plan, companies should be focusing on achieving future goals with strategies that increase the team’s overall outcome. HR Outsourcing Company with the best HR Advisory & Consulting service, can be a great help to you when it comes to improvement in the output of the employees.             

Global Recruitment Services
How to Select a Right Candidate?

Countless young individuals are joining the workforce nowadays after years & years of superior qualification. This has formed a generation of determined individuals that could be the assets of the business. As a recruiter, it is our responsibility to hunt them in the crowdy place with the lot of candidates looking for the job and hire the company with the most skilled employees possible. Selecting right employees for your business is not an easy task but it is not impossible either.

In today’s era with lots of options in hand, any recruiter who wish to staff highly qualified candidate with preferable experience for the business, they can do so with an ease. The secret to become an effective recruiter is to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. The recruiter has to make sure that they provide all the necessary information required to be shared. In this way, it becomes easy for the recruiter to grab the attention of the perfect candidate for their open position. Hiring process would not restrict externally but also internally. Meaning, if you have some open positions and you see this as a great opportunity for your internal employees to fill the vacancy, do not hesitate to offer such excellent opportunity for the betterment of your employees.

Hiring is time tedious process and it has to be focused on by the HR in order to hunt the right staff, but on the other side it results in affecting the management of other HR Tasks which also requires the presence of an HR person too. In order to manage all the HR tasks and side by side to get the right employee at right time with the specific requirement you can join hands with the best recruitment agencies. This HR consultancy can surely be a great help for you in order to get the right staff as per your mentioned requirements with minimal time. These agencies usually have support of HR experts and has a great network connection with the candidates of all kinds of profiles and for all locations supported with latest technologies and the best job portals. So, if you are the one looking for hiring the right staff you can choose the right option to get the best results in the less time.

HR Outsourcing Services
Innovation Fosters Growth

Innovation refers to the act of thinking and implementing of new ideas which will generate value. Innovation in any field is done to add value to things that already exists and in businesses it drives economic growth by producing more output by putting less input thus increasing the productivity. In HR world innovation is of utmost important as it helps in improving the working style, boosting up the efficiency of the employees and maintains a positive work environment for them.

The factor of change is one of the most certain factors in an organizational life. The change should be such that it provides the organization with a new way of working. In HRM, innovation is needed so that the problem can be tackled. For this, human resources should come up with new and creative ideas that will help them in solving the problems easily.

Best HR Consultancy try to bring innovation in each and every service that we provide to the clients. Keeping the track on all the new compliances and acts that can help the clients and implement the same. We also try to lessen the burden of the employees by bringing new processes and software which will help in completion of their work without wasting their time and efforts. This leads to the upliftment of their morale which helps us in keeping a healthy corporate environment to work. This not only helps in boosting the morale of the employees but also helps us in maintaining a good relationship with the clients.

To stand out in the industry, every organisation should lay emphasis on their own unique ways which will help them in building the goodwill of their company. Hence, innovation fosters growth.

Blue Collar Jobs
Blue Collar Jobs and Gig Economy

Among the growing jobs about 14 lakh are expected to be in the gig economy sector. Gig based job have become more attractive traditional blue color jobs. The logistics sector is likely to see an addition of 4 lakhs jobs and the transport sector is expected to rise and create 6 lakh jobs due to increasing demand for drivers and other blue-collar areas.

Blue collar workers are the key driving force for future development of the organization. In many industries such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation & warehousing, the blue-collar segment is absolutely key. Organizations need to utilize the skills of blue-collar workers in order to achieve better integration and collaboration to reach common goals. These workers are an important aspect of corporate culture, and management will face shortcomings if they do not recognize this. There is a GiGantic opportunity for companies to use this growing need of jobs to their advantage. However, companies can take advantage of this only if they have deep understanding of HR and hiring process. Companies require to invest heavily in HR processes to take advantage of this growing market and the opportunities that come with it. Investing not only comes with a monetary cost but also with an increased burden of management and a huge competition to stay ahead in the game. It is not always possible to emphasize on hiring and recruitment activities while also focusing on core activities of business that essential to bringing profit and revenue to the organization. HR consultancies and staffing agencies can prove to be vital and helpful in such conditions.HR outsourcing can help to ensure a smooth flow of workers and talent to the organization and help the organization to shift focus to more essential and core activities of the business.HR consultancies can be a partner with the organization and handle the hassle of organization and management of paperwork and all the HR operations which will reduce the burden on the management and take of the evolving economy.

Recruitment Services
Right Talent for your Organization

The key to run a successful business is to have right talent. Everyone has realized the importance of talent and how it has become a critical factor for the business growth. Having the right talent in the organization can make the company and an absence of it can break the company as well. Winning in today’s competitive business world is largely dependent on having the right people to implement the organization’s business strategy. Companies that implement effective talent acquisition strategies usually end up winning, while bad hires can cut deeply into company profits.

People are a company’s greatest asset. The workforce will always be a deciding factor whether the organization will succeed or fail. Hence, recruiting appropriate right talent for the organization is a must. It is the need of the day to stand out in a sea of competitors who are offering similar job opportunities.  But it is difficult to attract and engage right candidates when competitor’s job description sounds just like yours. To focus on the organization’s major role as well as recruiting talent might be a complex process and hence a need arises to seek help from those who have an expertise in finding the right talent.

You can partner with the best recruitment agency in finding out the right person for the right job and can help you in boosting your organization’s efficiency. With proper understanding for HR requirements of the organization, we can provide the right talent for the betterment of your organization. Also, this will eradicate much of the forfeits associated with errors in HR as these processes will be dealt by an experienced organization. Having too much on the plate can create issues in the working of the company. Having an outside perspective and a third party to confide in can help management make the best decisions possible. We can coach and work with management to handle a variety of HR functions and help improve overall daily HR operations.