Project Based Stafing
Benefits of Project Based Staffing

In day to day changing business world permanent employee has become a burden which once was asset to the company. Due to unpredictable business the salaries become a difficult challenge for a lot of company. They have to pay with or without work.  A simple solution which has come in Modern business is to hire on project base. It helps the company monetary as they only have to pay for the project they do and they are already skilled so it saves the training time There are expert companies like Team Management Services (TMS) who provide project based staffing which helps your company to get your work done effectively and efficiently. Not only that but it also brings lot of perks with them. A few are mentioned below.

Save cost: Project based staffing saves a lot of cost of the company. When it comes to a full time employee it is a huge financial commitment, right from salary to equipment cost. On the other hand project based staff may come without additional costs. When you hire a consultant to this you may end up paying the similar cost but you will save up on other factors such as employee benefits, office/stationery space and utilization, provident fund contributions. Along with saving you may also have to pay only for the talent for the specific work that they do, hence you are not left with employees whose profiles are not fully productive.

Save time: Project based staffs are most of the times already specialized in their fields, thus reducing the need to hire and train people just to see them leaving. This saves lot of your time you would otherwise need to spend interviewing people and getting the administrative documents ready for new recruits. This is especially beneficial in cases of emergency when you need to fill up a position, urgently. In addition, with a contract employee, you are hiring for the specific talent, and hence do not need to worry whether they will fit into your work culture in the long run. Once the work is completed, you are free from any obligations.

Get special skills: When you take new direction in business and need very specific set of skills for a short while, hiring a project-based consultant would be the best way to go about it. A consultant would bring specialised skills from across industries and domains, having worked in areas that you want to now venture in, hence already bringing with them ready skills you are looking for, without having to hire and train them. These specialized workers know what their jobs entail and, hence, can jump right into the role. By hiring contractual talent you can also get a vast pool of highly talented individuals, who may otherwise not be willing to take on a permanent position.

Businesses Can Be Flexible with Project-Based Staffing: One of the unique benefits of project-based staffing is how it affords employers the chance to be extremely flexible in their hiring practices. If you need more employees for just a year to finish a project, you can hire someone for one year on contract. The options are variable and nearly endless and always suited to your specific business needs.

Recruitment Services in India
Skills Every Manager should have

The business world is changing fast, probably faster than ever. Clients are more demanding; markets are adapting and changing all the time. As a manager you need to be agile, resilient and really on the ball. You can’t just sit and wait any more for things to get better. You need to make sure that you have all the right skills to be a great manager and manage your future.

A few skills every manager should have

  1. Communication Skills: The most important skill is communication as manager has to communicate from top level employee to junior & mid-level employees, one miscommunication can create a havoc in company. Having strong communication skills enable a leader to effectively delegate his authority and responsibility to others. listening is also an important factor in communication.
  • Negotiation Skills: Manager has to deal with lot of people be it with colleagues, business partners, suppliers and clients. There are various levels he has to negotiate depending on the other person. This is a skill one cannot afford to not be good at. Manager has to make and take decisions if he is not firm and good at negotiation it will be bad for the company in long and short run.
  • Delegation of work: Manager has to be good at delegating work- to get the work done in most effective and fast way possible. If he tries to do all the work alone the company will never grow big after a certain point. So to manage larger things manager has to delegate the work in such a way that the best in employee is at use this way he can use company resources (manpower) to fullest.
  • Motivating Others: when the work is delegated sometimes employees need motivation to do the work in best possible way. Manager has to motivate directly as well indirectly. Praising for the good work is the basic form of motivation. There various form in which manager can motivate employees giving short term goal, which will give them a sense of accomplishment etc etc.. this skill helps the manager to get the best in employee and get more work done in  effective and time efficient manner.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Being a manager means solving problems. So be proactive. If you see a way to improve upon an existing process or you recognize a potential problem before it becomes a real issue, take steps to fix the situation. One has to also deal with unions, employees and management that time this skill and innovative thinking really come to help. Situations in this if the manger is not good at communication and problem solving the company can go to extreme problems.

Success in business happens because of successful employees. That being said, strong managers are one of the most critical components of Employee Success. It is very important to have good managers in your company to grow faster. It is very difficult to get the best employee from a limited resource. There are expert companies like Team Management Services who can find best of Talent as they have a big pool of talent in their network they are expert at Talent Acquisition.

Virtual Meetings
Tips for great Online Meetings while working from Home

As many of the companies have officially started working from home in response to the COVID pandemic, many of you will be considering the effective ways to conduct effective communication with entire team. Effective communication is vital to any organization in order to process all the operations smoothly. Remote working is the new guidelines that strictly has to be followed and it becomes absolutely essential for the organization to adept to this working style. The organization needs to invest in great tools, it will also include the headphones which can help block out the unwanted noise, standardized settings to participate or host an online meeting so that the communication is clear and effective. There are several reasons why online meetings are conducted it can be for communication or either brainstorming sessions or may be sharing information to maintain the transparency. Socialization factor is an aspect which has to be taken into consideration. Also whenever conducting any virtual meeting, the businesses should make sure the agenda behind it and set the time limit for the same so that no further inconvenience is caused.

While conducting online meeting, remind participants to hit mute whenever possible as it will avoid unnecessary disturbance. In regular meetups while having face to face meetings, all the participants gets the chance but because of recommended mutes, it becomes difficult for the attendees to share their opinion. It becomes the responsibility of the host of the meeting to give a chance to the participants to speak up and give feedback or even share ideas if any. Online Meetings gives us the chance to have face to face meetings from anywhere, apart from that there are lot of other features in meetings as well. Features like recording the entire meeting, chat function, and even raising hand feature if someone wants to speak up. The company should thoroughly research the tool to get hands on all the features available. This will help the meeting to be more productive.

These above tips will help your virtual meetings become more efficient and worthwhile. It should not only serve as a communication tool to assist your employees feel more comfortable sitting in front of a camera and participate, but also strengthen the ability to conduct and manage the flow of conversation. Likewise, many work challenges before it, virtual meetings will improve with time, patience, practice, and persistence.

Global Recruitment
New Approach to Recruitment

It is rightly said that if Recruitment is an ongoing process then it means the company is growing. Recruitment is a process of hiring of identifying and acquiring skilled workers to meet your organizational needs. Recruitment Process includes defining the candidate requirements, need analysis, screening them and finalizing the right one for the role. Finding the best candidates in the market is not only a complex process but also time tedious task. This process takes a lot of time rather than focusing on other core functions. In order to attract best candidates to your organization with minimum time taken for hunting, you must set an example and showcase the appropriate reasons in the market of why any candidate should think working at your place would be a dream job.

Recruitment is a never-ending process for any growing business. Before starting the process, the business should do proper need analysis of the open mandates. Internal hiring consumes lot of time and money, for which businesses can switch to new approaches of Recruitment which are mentioned below:

  1. Companies can use Social Media Platform like Facebook and LinkedIn to do the awareness about their open mandate positions, as now a days many of them check their social media accounts on regular basis for hunting jobs as well.
  2. Before informing externally about the Manpower Requirements, make sure you communicate it internally as well. This way of employees referring to their professional/ personal contacts helps businesses get the results faster.
  3. Adding the Job Description on the company website and giving an option to upload an updated CV and other platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Career Builder is another option. This way it gets easily crawled on Google Search Engine Platform and there is a high visibility from the candidates who are also looking for similar jobs.
  4. Make sure to add high level job description which covers the list of expected job tasks and get more qualified candidates.
  5. Partnering with the best Recruitment Agency is the best option to save time and money and to get quality results and immediate response.

The organization should partner with top recruitment agency for better results and assurance of quality services. Team Management Services is well known for providing Recruitment Services not only in India Location but also around the globe. With strong database of the best candidates for different roles, TMS takes less time to connect the best candidates with the clients.

HR Outsourcing Services
Challenges in pandemic faced by HR Professionals

HR professionals are facing a lot of new challenges due to the sudden change occurred in the work culture. The top urgency for HR professionals right now is how to keep the employees involved and deliver the right communication tools as employees are working from home. No one in the corporate world had ever thought what challenges 2020 would bring to the world. HR specialists have surely not imagined the challenges that COVID-19 has dawned on them. The uncertainty has destroyed the economy, employees are in worrying situations, and HR professionals are trying their best to keep everything in productive condition.

The sudden swing in work culture took a toll on overall employee health and wellbeing.  Pressure, stress, and other mental health matters have always been there in the offices but the unexpected COVID-19 outburst has taken the employees mental problems in the front rows. When the employees are working in an workplace environment we can at least recognise their pulse and sensitivity, and that helps you drastically in tackling the problem. But employees going distant, communication ways have been drastically compromised, leaving the bosses clueless or at least less aware. HR professionals all over the world are responding health and wellbeing of employees to be a main fear. The shift to remote work nation is not as easy as it looks. Before the COVID-19 situation, fewer than 50% of organizations had a distant work program. Banks, IT industries, and many services organizations did not come accross remote working. But now almost everyone is rushing to construct remote work policies. This has led to many unknown issues. HR teams are trying to construct good paths and policies to overcome the difficulties that has been brought. Strategies are no more planned in advance but in present time. The attention on employee output and engagement has moved to instant replies and analysis. To provide employees with the correct remote working gears and also gather everyday updates from them time to time to offer seamless support.

The major challenge faced by HR teams in these pandemic is due to lack of agility. Many HR teams are not designed for agility. And this affecting the HR professional most of the time. In this emergency, it is important to respond quickly and move faster. But there are many approvals to be taken before action. This decreases the speed of gathering data and take instant actions that a situation demands. But overcoming the current ongoing pandemic Team management services an organization bases in Mumbai has set an example of productive and effective HR work. Team management services has dedicated HR team who are experts in handling such situations and have delivered great results for their clients in managing HR activities even working effortlessly from Home.

Payroll Outsourcing Services
Payroll Outsourcing Services

Payroll Outsourcing is the best option to choose regardless of the business size. Handling Payroll Processing activities in-house can invest a lot of time and money with compliance headaches. Payroll Outsourcing is considered to be a wise move as it is fully managed payroll process. Payroll Processing if done in-house is very time-consuming activity and needs lot of attention. This also requires a team of members to be hired to do this job which results in investing time as well as money. By Outsourcing the Payroll activity, you can focus on other core functions of business without worrying about the Payroll. Outsourcing of Payroll activities ensures that a group of experts are managing your Payroll which includes from calculating payroll taxes and statutory filings to handling payroll enquiries, your organization could be much better off financially.

Quality Outsourced Payroll Service providers protect and store data on highly secure cloud-based servers and use latest technology to ensure your critical information is safe. They also use electronic payment methods so that if an error occurs, it can be easily traced, to ensure and protect you against potential losses. This is all included in the outsourced payroll service they provide, whereas attempting to do the same in-house would be very expensive.

Organizations of all sizes are outsourcing payroll processing services to avail the expert solutions offered by Payroll Companies. Employment regulations, data and compliance requirements, and tax legislations are complex, susceptible to change, and vary from country to country. Payroll Outsourcing Company ensure to be up-to-date on changing regulations and country requirements, and maintains accurate records and prepare payroll data and statutory filings accurately and on time.For business leaders, leaving global payroll to the experts reduces the probabilities of an error being made in areas which could end in hefty penalties and fines. It also means spending less time in-house on complex payroll or tax issues, and longer on building sales and marketing strategies, and improving workflow efficiencies.

Outsourcing payroll is thinking ahead. A good global payroll provider offers capabilities that transcend what your organization can do on its own. An outsourced solution will deliver peace of mind and release time in your company, ultimately saving you money and reducing compliance risk and helping you deliver the payroll experience your employees deserves. Team Management Services is well known in providing the best Payroll Outsourcing Services backed with rich expertise and latest technology.

Recruitment Services
Talent Acquisition

The term Talent Acquisition is often misunderstood as a recruitment service, but it is necessary to explain the misconception the recruitment is a part of Talent Acquisition. It is a process done by HR Department of Tracking, recruiting, interviewing candidates, and on-boarding them with proper training. Talent Acquisition (or TA) teams are generally responsible for finding, attaining, evaluating and recruiting candidates for open job positions. Appointing a TA team is essential for organisations to handle the important element of searching and hiring the right talent for companies’ future success. For the Stability of Business in the competitive market, company need to have the right employee which can help business survive with good productivity, motivated staff and better decision making.

Moreover, Talent Acquisition is progressive. It is not just hiring a candidate to fill open job position, but considering the employees potential career path within the organisation. TA team ensures the organisation to hire employee who have a potential to uplift companies value in the market and someday become managers or top-level managers within the company which can be long-term strategic plan. Everything has a way or process to be followed for a better outcome, let’s checkout 6 steps incorporated for Talent Acquisition:

  1. Generating Awareness

Social networks, Events, Conferences, Online forums, and communities’ helps you network & build relationships to make your talent needs widely known. This will generate a large amount of encouraging candidates, and pipeline of possible hires.

  • Recruiting and Attracting candidates

To attract people and show your presence in the market, you first need to have a strong brand presence. It is a key component to create interest among jobseekers and retain existing client by giving possible benefits.

  • Interview and Assessment

Company wants to know about candidate’s experiences & past background to assure themselves that they are hiring the right candidate. But interviewer should be careful while framing and asking question to candidates. So, top 3 or 4 Question should be such that you can get to evaluate about their outstanding and key performance. Employee’s assessment including an IQ, EQ, personality test. Any test is acceptable but shouldn’t contain discrimination contents rather relevant to the scope of work. Assessment such as Group discussion, Giving case studies, etc. will help you to understand the behaviour & thought of a candidate and will be easy for making final decisions.

  • Analysing references

Having an Intuition that you have got the right candidate is front of you is good but you can’t rely only on intuition for a company to work. After a positive interview with candidates and having a final list of eligible candidates, it is necessary to know more about the background with the help reference. If the reference agrees that the candidate has good character and competency to work in the company then it is easy for you to take the final decision.

  • Final Candidate Selection

If you rate the candidates while conducting the above processes it is easier to segregate & select the best candidate. The above process helps you keep a clear picture, get to know deep information about the applicant and is easier for selection.

  • Hiring and On-boarding

For a perfect candidate hiring you have to leave it in the hands of Professionals i.e. Talent Acquisition Team and these experts will help you save time and money. On the other hand a successful Onboarding process can lead to better relationship with the new employee and positive word of mouth of company.

Now you know what impact can Talent Acquisition make for your company, how much it is essential for an organisation to go through the process for a perfect team. So what are you waiting for connect with us and get your perfect employee with the help of our Experts.

Talent Acquisition
Talent Acquisition: How to Attract the Best?

Talent acquisition means a process of identifying and acquiring skilled workers to meet your organizational needs. The talent acquisition department is responsible for identifying, acquiring, assessing, and hiring candidates to fill open positions within a company. Recruiters, sourcers, HR professionals, hiring managers. Combined, these powerhouse functions make up Talent acquisition (TA) — the organizational task of, quite simply, finding the right person for the job. In corporate world, it’s often placed under the human resources umbrella which involves sourcing, attracting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding employees. The definition of talent acquisition spreads from employer branding, recruitment marketing, to the process of recruitment itself, which includes candidate relationship management, an onboarding plan that involves succession planning and talent development, and  strategic management with C-level goals.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment aren’t the same. Recruitment is one aspect of talent acquisition that has to do with the selection and hiring of a candidate to fit a job vacancy whereas Talent acquisition has a far broader scope. In other words, Talent acquisition is an overall business and HR strategy that factors in an organization’s long-term goals, and acknowledges that people (or talent) can play a huge role in a company’s future successes. Talent acquisition is more towards the strategic side of the tougher positions to fill. The Talent Acquisition involves several complex steps, among those the most essential include Lead generation, Recruiting and attracting the top candidates, Interview and Assessment, Evaluating references, selecting the best candidates, Hiring and Onboarding.

Some of the tips for Talent Acquisition are forecast – Identify which roles at your company are hardest to hire for — and prioritize them. Building a pipeline – Keep track of the candidates you find, whether in a simple spreadsheet or via specialized software. Get Everyone on board – Don’t silo the efforts of your HR and talent acquisition team and keep an open mind about where quality candidates can come from. Get the department or even entire company involved, Spend the time – Casual phone conversations, lunch meetings, even an informal negotiation are ways to get to know your prospective hire that won’t be evident from a one standard interview. A few common tactics for finding and hiring great employees are Boosting your brand – make sure your organization’s website, social profiles, and company culture speak not only to your target customer, but also to potential career-seeking candidates, Get Niche – the more specific you can get about the past experience and projects you’re looking for from candidates, the more success you’ll have finding exactly what you need, Do some succession planning  – This business and HR strategy grooms and promotes employees internally, instead of going outside your company to fill open positions. It starts with identifying peak performers within the company, and taking the time to train and prepare them to take on more responsibility and leadership.

Large organizations have their own HR departments where each and every function of HR has been handled by themselves. Small organizations and startups does not have the appropriate manpower to run the HR functions within their own company so they partner with Recruitment Agencies and HR consulting firms. Many companies are now preferring the HR firms for consulting and other HR services. So that they are able to focus on attaining the business goals and rest of the HR related activities are taken by the recruitment agencies and HR consulting firms. So if your organization wants HR services at minimum cost and avail the best Consulting and Advisory from the Industry Experts. We at Team Management Services are here to help you to reach your HR goals.

Team Productivity
Be a High Performing Team

Every organisation initially gets started by few people and a key determinant of Success or Failure is the handoff between each of them, and it is the employees only who make efforts to take the organisation towards the way of success. So it is very important for an organization to have dedicated employees – high performing teams.  

A high performing team can be a group of people with specific abilities, knowledge and skills sets committed to a common purpose, who consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation which comes out in a way of best results. High performing teams share a vision, purpose, competence, trust which is important in building blocks of effective teams & every organization needs its teams to deliver high levels of performance in order to succeed in today’s business environment. 

Communication is a key factor for tracking the progress and working together efficiently and effectively on tasks. While forming the team, the management should focus on unity as it is crucial for high performing teamwork. The team should be able to communicate openly with each other, sharing their thoughts, opinions and ideas with members; as well as taking into consideration what others have to say.

The leaders should always focus on creating a team of peoples, who are highly passionate towards achieving the targets, by putting his employees in their strength zones and developing their capabilities & talents.

 The stages of forming a high-performance team will go in the order:

  • Hiring the Right candidates.
  • Effective on boarding of each team member by getting to know each of them on a deeper level.
  • Setting a clear prospect of their roles.
  • Building trust between the team members. 

The Teams common goal has to be clear, relevant, significant & achievable. It represents the cornerstone of a high performing team. Without the clear goal the team will not be able to align their efforts in the same direction.  Since teamwork is a means to an end, the team must be purpose directed & judge against results.

TMS considers the requirements of both the Organisation as well as the Candidates. TMS believes in providing the organizations with the best talents which is the need in today’s competitive business environment and also helps the person to achieve his/her desired goals. The initiatives driven by TMS, leads to satisfaction of both the parties. Building a high performing team takes time & efforts, but once they jell with the surrounding aesthetics & start producing results, they become an indispensable asset for any organization.

Temporary Staffing

While most of the business owners hires one full-time employee than two temporary employees, sometimes we need more hands on a project. Your clients/ customer may have requested rapid delivery & there might be requirements which may not arise in the future, or you simply don’t have funds to manage full-time employees. In such situations, temp staffing is a great option. You can get an experienced professional while you save some money.

What Is Temporary Staffing?

It is a system where the employees are hired on a temporary basis through a staffing company/agency. The employee is usually not on your payroll, as all the salary/compensation and other benefit related matters are handled by the company outsourcing this service. The major reason organizations go for temporary staffing is reduced hassles, quick hiring, & expertise Compensation & Statutory Compliance Services.

Let’s check what are the other reasons why your organization should prefer temporary staffing. We know that you may have doubts about your temporary staffing, So we have made a list of benefits that you can avail with Temporary Staffing Solutions. It has gained immense popularity in the past few years and here are the reasons why:

1. Flexibility

Why would you want to suffer long-term expenses and hassles when you can simply hire a temporary employee for short-term work. If you have short-term project which doesn’t have work more than one year, you can hire a temporary staffing for a short duration. The flexibility you get respect to hiring is amazing, as you can get temporary employees anytime you want and most of the times, even on short notice. You don’t have to spend time finding these resources for your organization, the temporary staffing agency will do it for you.

2. Cost-Effective Management

What are the requirements of managing a full-timer employee? You, have to hire an employee on your payroll, which means an extra cost of salary, taxes, incentives, health insurance, sick leaves, paid leaves, earned leaves, etc. Further, there are more costs that will be incurred for management of employee like training and personal growth. Your HR department additionally requires resources if you have to hire a fulltime employee every time you receive a short-term project. Temporary Staffing can help you resolve all these issues!!

3. Easy Switching

Businesses make many mistakes on acquiring talent many times, as there is simply no easy way of knowing the competence of an employee before working with them. Undoing this mistake is a costly affair and very difficult. You lose a huge money in lost working hours as well as additional resources in finding a new employee for your organization. However, temporary staffing gives you a flexibility of changing the employee anytime you want.

4. Reduced Need for Orientation

Temporary Employees are familiar working in different environments. Hence, they will adjust in your office environment easily. You won’t have to follow a nice orientation process as this employee would rather prefer starting work immediately.

5. Reduced Paperwork

Since these people work for a staffing agency and not you, you don’t have to prepare paperwork and ensure compliance for them. The agency will handle everything & now you only need to think about your work requirements.

6. Time-Effective Working

Let’s face it, every one of us can use some extra-time in a day to complete other tasks. Activities such as hiring, training, management and payroll management requires a lot of our time. When these activities are removed from our task, Every Organization can focus on other important business tasks.

However, having an unexperienced team of on board may not bring about the desired results. We at Team Management Services provide all kinds of Staffing Solutions to our Clients with having more than 4500+ Employees on over 100+ Locations servicing Pan India currently.

Employee Training & Development
Reasons to Employee Training & Development

Employees are the biggest asset of a company, and investing is vital to support business growth and success. Normally, businesses go through lengthy processes to recruit and hire suitable and qualified employees, but often the emphasis on caring about employees stops there. Giving training & development to dedicated employees is also a part of Employee Engagement. As the business landscape becomes extremely competitive, improving your team’s productivity level is imperious within the growing markets. Employee development and training is essential for the growth of the business and the workforce that drives it.

Businesses should never be at the same stage it should have continuity in growth and improvement and the key to remaining up to date with latest technologies and techniques is employee training and development. Employee trainings on regular basis are necessary to ensure the skill development of the employees. If employees are making their efforts to the best of their capabilities, this means the business will give results accordingly. Professional development of the employees is very significant and can be achieved using training programs that will teach them to better utilise experience. Such sessions or programs are not only for huge companies; small businesses can bring out their best with similar exercises and identify growth opportunities to excel further.

Before going into a training program, it is important to know the end results that you want to achieve through these exercises. In other words, set certain targets that you want to achieve and work towards them instead of unclear training goals. With the quality planning in place, you will soon see the results of such a training, which will also be reflected in the revenues. Following are reasons why employee training and development is important:

1) Positivity in employee retention

Hiring and retention can become a major challenge for the employers, however, this can be avoided through proper sessions of Professional development. Training programmes have become so centralised within companies that it is often used as a competitive advantage in the hiring process. Offering programmes within employment contracts create an employee’s sense of value within the company, and fosters loyalty & ultimately employee retention.

2) Training future leaders

Focusing on skills and employees for future leadership will help establish a business growth and possible changes. Acquiring leadership talent can start from the early acquisition, or Human Resource professionals can choose current employees as managerial candidates. To have established leadership development programmes ensures that an organisation is always considering the future goals with skilled talents.

3) Employee empowerment

Employees who feel empowered within the workplace will be more effective at working and completing the assigned task. Accordingly, those employees will feel a greater sense of value and confidence within their work.

4) Increase workplace engagement

Dullness in the workplace can have feelings of dissatisfaction & negative working habits. Regular development initiatives can avoid workplace idleness. Having frequent training sessions will also establish regular re-evaluation of employees, skills, and processes. Training and development will also encourage company culture by introducing an emphasis on planning.

In the ever-changing market, where nothing is constant, every day an innovation comes into the market. This made the organization to be dynamic in their business processes and keep on executing the changes so that they will be competitive. But the question is how can you be competitive and win in the market? It’s your workforce, who will help you to be competitive in the market. The organization have to be active and look out for the various strategies which will help the organization to grow in the future.

Overcome Communication barrier
How to overcome communication barrier while working remotely

Remote working is no more a new phenomenon. The COVID 19 pandemic has brought a huge cultural shift among all the employees. Remote working or work from home culture has now taken a vital place, and employees around the globe have been adjusting their seats to meet their organizational needs. With companies going remote recently, employees around the world are going through a huge crisis. Since the majority of the global workforce are not used to it, therefore this sudden shift is leading to a lot of problems that they were unprepared for. One of the significant challenges they are facing is communication. Team collaboration is affected as transparency is compromised. There is no team contribution, face to face communication, or thinking sessions over coffee. You can no longer walk over to a colleague’s desk to chat, schedule a meeting in-person, or call someone up for a project update. All these communication blocks are taking a major toll on employee engagement and morale. The workflow is sure to get affected due to communication barriers.

Here are some usefull tips to follow that would help cut the communication barriers and help your employees be more proactive and active.

  • Set Guidelines:

Guidelines and rules are important to keep every employee on the same page. Since it is hard to maintain clearness while working from home or working remotely. henec a set of rules & guidelines can help handle this task and keep the team focus in place.

  • Use Common Communication Tools:

There is a variety of good communication tools available in the market. Select the one that is more handy and suits your company. Use mutual messaging tools to connect with your teams. If your employees use different tools for communication then it becomes hard to bring productivity.

  • Video Conferencing:

Face to face communication is crucial. It builds camaraderie, boosts productivity, and overall collaboration. While Employees working from home, the advantages of face to face communication are compromised. Calls and chats are great but have their limits. Mostly when it comes to share data files and, at the same time, brief your teams about a project. Thus Video conferencing is an effective means of communication.

  • Project Management System:

Project Management Tools like Asana can help you monitor companies overall activities. Management tools can help you save time. It helps team members stay updated and work effortlessly with their teams. If you have frequent scrum meetings where you have to update on the projects and tasks that are assigned having a workflow can be a saviour.

  • Give Feedback:

Feedback is a huge motivator. May it be positive or constructive, it can convert your team. Employees take a hit when they are not given proper feedback. Constructive feedback allows employees to recover and positive feedback increases their confidence and morale.

At these critical times, remote working and working from home has become a saviour for the organizations and it will continue in the future too. Thus it better to accept this new way of work culture and try to overcome the communication barriers that it brings to us.